Welcome to my music!


In singing my songs, composing my music and writing my lyrics I feel a meeting of the personal and the collective. What springs from one, demands to be shared by many. In my singing and songwriting as in my work as a practising psychotherapist, I hope that heart speaks to heart.

I feel that if the soul had a voice, expressed through music from the depths of our being, this voice is insistent, full of longing and yearning, also playful, and above all it is passionate! When the soul sings its music it becomes almost a physical thing. A heart to heart, or soul to soul.

In writing my last two new albums Out of My Mind and Lover Boy Mine, as in my previous albums, I have felt all my own love and passion. I also feel it as a tribute to the love and passion that resides within us all and is expressed in the human spirit.

I hope you can relax back and enjoy my music and let yourself be touched by the lyrics!