Passionate in Blue

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‘Passionate In Blue’ is the album I want to dedicate entirely to Walter. To thank him for teaching me all about music from the start! For encouraging me into believing I could write songs, and could even sing them too! For the years of his support and patience, helping me to understand when and where I went wrong, and putting me right!! For using all his skills to mix my music so beautifully. And above all playing the piano so wonderfully, on every song I have sung, with such beauty, such elegance ! Muchas Gracias Walter!!


Music & Lyrics: Gillian Patterson
Arrangements: Gillian Patterson and Walter Koerte
Programming, mixing and mastering: Walter Koerte
Vocals: Gillian Patterson
Piano: Walter Koerte
Guitar: Theno Peeranon
Artwork: Ana Sedano


This album may be my last of new songs for some time to come. So, I also wanted to include two songs from my past album of ‘Passionate’ which were right for the ending of this album, now ‘Passionate in Blue’.


These Passionate and Blue songs come from my imagination of all aspects of love and loss, and what this means to all of us in different ways in our lifetimes. Love can last a short time or a lifetime and as one song says Love Changes Everything, in love or in loss of love. To be Passionate and keep loving in our lives is the thing!

Thank you for listening to ‘Passionate In Blue’