Singer-songwriter Gillian Patterson (of the group Gillian) answers a few of our questions.

Leicester Bangs: Gillian, tell us a little about yourself, and your band.

Gillian: My work as a psychotherapist has always greatly influenced my music and my lyrics, as I draw from the well of my experience of people’s passion, love, loss and longing.

With this second CD we tried to go for a more varied and modern sound, while trying to stay true to our jazz / soul roots.

LB: How did you start out making music?

Gillian: At one point in my life I started to take piano lessons and realized I had a great affinity with songwriting. From then on the songs just started flowing rapidly.

LB: Whom did you grow up listening to and how do they influence what you’re doing now?

Gillian: In my family music was sung and played a lot, especially songs by Cole Porter, Ivor Novello, Gershwin, Jerome Kern, Duke Ellington, and so on. All these artists along with Elvis, Lena Horne, The Stylistics, Julie London, Ella Fitzgerald, and many more have deeply influenced my writing and still do.

LB: Tell us about your latest release.

Gillian: My latest release, my album ‘Love Lingers on’ is my own alternative interpretation of jazz, soul and blues. I hold these genres dearly and feel I can express my own feelings of love and passion through them.

LB: Do you get out and play your music live, and if so, what can an audience expect at one of your shows?

Gillian: I enjoy performing, though I rarely do so. We had our debut show in 2008 at Pizza On The Park, something I would like to repeat in the future.

LB: What aspects of playing and recording music do you most enjoy?

Gillian: I very much enjoy the moment when the music starts happening, when it all comes together and starts to work as a creative whole. It’s such an exciting and wonderful moment.

LB: Where can people find (and buy) your music?

Gillian: You can find the music on every major e-store on the net for download, such as iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody, CD Baby and so on. However, the only place you can purchase a hard copy of the album is my website and on itunes and amazon please click here.