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If you’d like to say hello, have a question or a comment about the music then I’d love to hear from you, please leave your comments below, I’ll try to look at this as soon as I can.


7 Responses to Contact me

  1. Ar (Nanddus) - Ar is the Army says:

    Fantastic Gillian

  2. salal says:

    Gillian’s music touches and caresses your heart.

  3. Kristiwistin says:

    I came across this exciting music on Jango, and I have to say that I immediately stopped what I was doing and had to rush to my screen to see who it was that I was listening to. What a treat! Gillian’s music has helped me to feel better about myself and has brought me untold joy. Keep writing, and keep singing!

  4. Ravi Kumar says:

    Really heart touchingggg gillian

  5. Amale Smith says:

    Thank you for your songs ! I am so pleased to have met you ! Sorry I lost your email address ! Thinking of you love Amale xxx

  6. Margot says:

    Wow, you look and sound fantastic!

  7. Paul the Man says:

    Gillian! I’m am sad. I am blue. I am forever entrenched in the abyss of sorrow. I realized today that I can no longer locate your hit song “Lover Boy.” Where can I find it? It’s not on any of your albums. It’s no longer on YouTube. What can I do? Please, PLEASE help me! I love your work. You are inspired and driven, and that song really has helped me through some rough patches with my significant other. Gillian, I trust you’ll do all in your power to make this #1 fan happy once more. Love, Paul

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