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If you’d like to say hello, have a question or a comment about the music then I’d love to hear from you, please leave your comments below, I’ll try to look at this as soon as I can.


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  1. Ar (Nanddus) - Ar is the Army says:

    Fantastic Gillian

    • gillyraveson says:

      Hello Dear Nanddus, Thank you for all your comments and emails so much appreciated indeed!! Wonderful that you keep in touch. I am glad you liked my last song “As Yesterday” and sent a kiss, mine back to you and keep walking away as in your photo!!
      All my warmest wishes, Gillian

  2. salal says:

    Gillian’s music touches and caresses your heart.

    • Hello dear salal, I thank you for all your lovely comments over these years and your appreciation of my music dear salal, be happy and keep listening, more songs always coming!! and please keep writing to me, thank you again for all that! With love Gillian

  3. Kristiwistin says:

    I came across this exciting music on Jango, and I have to say that I immediately stopped what I was doing and had to rush to my screen to see who it was that I was listening to. What a treat! Gillian’s music has helped me to feel better about myself and has brought me untold joy. Keep writing, and keep singing!

    • Hello Kristiwistin! i am so glad you were so excited by my music when you first heard me and I do hope you are still listening after all this time! Your comment has brought me some untold joy too because you responded in that way when you first heard my music!! Keep listening and I have written many more songs and my fifth album is out soon, !!! Warmest wishes to you and much music! Gillian

  4. Ravi Kumar says:

    Really heart touchingggg gillian

    • gillyraveson says:

      Thank you so much Ravi, I am glad your heart is touched, that is my biggest wish for my music, that it should touch the heart, as you know!! Keep listening I will continue to write love songs from my heart dear Ravi, Warmest wishes, and much music! Gillian

  5. Amale Smith says:

    Thank you for your songs ! I am so pleased to have met you ! Sorry I lost your email address ! Thinking of you love Amale xxx

  6. Margot says:

    Wow, you look and sound fantastic!

  7. Paul the Man says:

    Gillian! I’m am sad. I am blue. I am forever entrenched in the abyss of sorrow. I realized today that I can no longer locate your hit song “Lover Boy.” Where can I find it? It’s not on any of your albums. It’s no longer on YouTube. What can I do? Please, PLEASE help me! I love your work. You are inspired and driven, and that song really has helped me through some rough patches with my significant other. Gillian, I trust you’ll do all in your power to make this #1 fan happy once more. Love, Paul

  8. Hernan says:

    Gillian, your voice its magical, its beatifull. thanks

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